7 Things To Do In Montreal With Kids This Winter

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Living in Montreal, Canada is awesome! We have the opportunity to expose our kids to four different seasons which means they get to vary their activities based on the season. However, winters may be difficult at times. While warm winter days offer a great opportunity to play outdoors, sometimes, it’s just too cold to even consider it. Winters in Montreal can vary from -5 ºC to -30ºC and let me tell you that most of us have no desire to be outdoors when it’s colder than -20ºC. This is why I’ve gathered 7 things to do in Montreal with kids.

7 Things To Do in Montreal with Kids This Winters

1. Outdoor Walking / Sled 

This activity is by far the cheapest and best option if it’s not too cold outside. Depending on the snow conditions, you can choose to simply walk outdoors using a stroller or baby carrier. Another fun option is to put your child in a sled. Most sleds, such as Pelican, offer a shield which is a great option for colder days.

2. Indoor Track

For those really cold days where you still feel the need to get out of the house but it’s just way too cold to be outdoors, you can look for an indoor track in your neighborhood.  One I recently found is the Stade Hébert Dome in Saint-Leonard borough. You can go for a walk with your stroller on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

3. Ceramic Cafe

One really fun activity you can do with your kids or other moms if you’re on maternity leave is paint at Ceramic Cafe. With four locations in the province of Quebec, you can get creative by painting on ceramic objects such as plates and cups. It’s $10 for a four-hour session on Wednesdays for parents and kids.

4. Kid-Friendly Cooking Classes 

If you’re kids are over 2 years old and want to get their hands dirty, you can attend a cooking class in one of the Loblaws / Provigo locations near you. Who knows, maybe your little one will be Canada’s next top chef?! Check out the cooking classes offered in the Montreal area.

5. Kid-Friendly Classes at Michael’s 

If your kids are over 8 years old, you can spend some time being artistic at Michael’s kids classes. Your kids will get the opportunity to show their creativity by designing anything from bracelets, necklaces and pouches among other things.

6. Movie Time with Baby

Participating Cineplex movie theaters offer Stars & Strollers events where moms can watch a movie with their babies in a baby-friendly environment. They also provide a $2 discount!

7. Kid-Friendly Coffee Shops

We have two great kid-friendly coffee shops in Montreal where you can sit down and relax while your kids play safely. Melons and Clementines is a boutique that specializes in breastfeeding and has a cute cafe area that serves coffee and lunch. La Tasse Gamine is a small cafe in the heart of the Mile-End district that offers a library and games for small children. They offer various activities depending on what you are looking for.

What are your favorite things to do in Montreal with kids?

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