About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Motherly Adventures. 

We are Tanya & Nara, 30-something friends who met in a random hostel in Lisbon (Portugal) while backpacking Europe in 2005. A decade later, we witnessed some key life experiences together like dating less than perfect men in our early twenties, marrying our prince charmings, purchasing our new homes and most importantly, becoming mothers. Living in different cities wasn’t enough to keep us apart, a testimony of true friendship throughout the years. While our first blogging experience together with Off-Track Backpacking was successful, we ran out of content when we stopped traveling extensively. This is why we decided that Motherly Adventures would be different – different because it will flourish based on our real-life chaos of raising children in the midst of maintaining healthy marriages, friendships and prosperous careers in business. Follow Tanya’s adventures by reading about her first days, weeks and months as a mother and Nara’s wonderful, chaotic, joyful life as a mom to a little girl.

Meet Tanya

246 (2)Tanya is a mother-in-training, a wife by default, a traveler when she can find money and a business enthusiast wondering how she will cope in the corporate world after her one year long maternity leave. While she’s anchored in Montreal with her family and career in technology, she’s always looking for her next “project” to keep busy. Exercising? Cooking? Networking? Planning her next trip? The possibilities are endless! Life is too short to watch it go by.

She hopes you enjoy reading about her motherly adventures as much as she enjoys learning and writing about them.

Fun Facts

  • Born and raised in Montreal, Canada
  • Speak four languages fluently: English, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Travelled to over 30 countries and lived in 3 different countries
  • Her daughter is named after a city in Italy
  • Always ready for a new challenge and workout!
  • She published her work on Happy Science Mom and The Mad Mommy

Meet Nara

Clara and NaraNara is a mom to one and soon to two, an improving baker, a wife, a soccer player and a fun traveler. She loves the mom/work lifestyle, with a jam-packed schedule that always involves playing with her daughter and chatting with other moms. Hearing motherhood stories, advice, questions and struggles, inspired Nara to blog about being a mom. Nara considers her writing style, a casual form of speech of stories and experiences that move forward naturally.
Nara has co-founded Motherly Adventures and you can follow her on Instagram (MotherlyAdventures).
Fun Facts
  • Born in Toronto and raised in a small northern town
  • Travelled and lived in Europe for a year, after high school
  • Travelled to over 22 countries