17 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Mom

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I was quite excited that I was becoming a mom and starting my own family when I found out I was pregnant. During my pregnancy, friends and family kept telling me to cherish every moment of my pregnancy (which I did because it was a perfect pregnancy, literally!) and how wonderful having a family really is. I also read a few baby books and I felt like I was somewhat ready for my daughter’s arrival. I mean, I didn’t know everything about babies or raising children but I felt like I was mentally ready for the challenge.

Once my baby made her arrival into this world, I was faced with a bunch of surprises – not all positive ones. There are things that I wish other moms would have warned me about instead of sugar coating how being a parent is the best thing in the world. Don’t get me wrong, becoming a mom is the best thing in the world but it’s like a roller coaster ride between all the ups and downs a new mom will face.

Below is a list of things that surprised me in the first few weeks of being a mom. I also reached out to the online community for some input so I can properly set the expectations for all new moms out there.

Becoming a mom

List of things you need to know before becoming a mom

1.You can be in labor for two hours! Some of my closest friends had very short labors with their first kids so I was also expecting a 30-minute labor process. Yeah right! It was only two hours later when my daughter made an appearance and I was beyond exhausted at that point – especially because I wasn’t expecting to be in labor for that long.

2. For moms who gave birth vaginally, you can expect some issues when going to the bathroom: pain when standing or sitting down, constipation and inability to hold anything in (farts, pee or poo)

3. Your hips will stay wide for a while after giving birth. It’s been 8.5 months and they haven’t gone back to where they were.

4. You’ll feel rested after sleeping 5 hours, promise! (I never thought I’d ever write this, I love to sleep!)

5. I had no idea a newborn could cry so much in the first few weeks of their life. The crying will peek when your baby is 6 weeks old, and so will your lack of patience.

6. I thought all newborns slept a lot and I learned the hard way that some didn’t like to sleep at all.

7. You will lose so much hair once you stop breastfeeding. You’re basically making up for all the hair you didn’t lose during your pregnancy.

What the online community is saying…

8. Not everyone’s water breaks. I kept waiting for mine to break but it never did. -Esther at Money Nuggets

9. I wish someone had told me to read a book about baby sleep before I had babies. It has been one of our biggest issues, and if I had been more informed from the beginning it would have helped so much! -Erin at Stay At Home Yogi

10. I wish someone had told me not to take parenting books too seriously. They were all great reads, but none of them fit me and my son perfectly. I had to take bits and pieces from each book to find what worked for us. I drove myself crazy trying to get into the schedule outlined in Babywise only to finally find my own schedule once I gave up. -Hannah at Eat Drink and Save Money

11. Day two when the baby screams it’s head off all night no matter what you do. -Meghan

12. The weights on clothes and diaper sizes are just suggestions. When poop comes out from everywhere, up your diaper size. -Meghan

13. If you make lunch plans for 12pm, start getting ready with the baby at 8:30 am and pretend you’re going to leave at 11 because I guarantee the baby will throw up or poop all over himself right before you need to leave. -Meghan

14. I would loved someone telling me how difficult it was to breastfeed and how painful or stressful it could in be the firsts weeks. -Ivone

15. We look forward to seeing our baby during our entire pregnancy but once the baby arrives and we’re back home, it is so overwhelming: hormones being all over the place doesn’t help, breastfeeding is not natural and not all babies know how to latch from the minute they are born. Then, if you had a vaginal birth, you’re so sore that you can’t sit and forget about going to the bathroom. Also, after the baby is born, everyone concentrates on the baby but the mom is often forgotten. -Amelia has 3 kids

16. Creating the baby registry was a little stressful and overwhelming. Am I getting what I really need? There were so many products I never knew existed some useful… Some not. -Diana

17. When my son was born, I was breastfeeding and we had no clue how much he was eating. He ended up dehydrated. There are available guides online on how big their tummy’s are and how much they should be drinking daily. I couldn’t believe how it dramatically increased after day 2-3. -Diana

Is there anything you wish you knew before becoming a mom?

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  1. Esther says:

    Very informative post. Thank you for sharing. I wished I had read this article before giving birth. It would have made a big difference because so many useful things you have just highlighted are left unsaid in most cases.

  2. LaNeshe says:

    Moms definitely learn to function with less sleep!

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