Finding time in October

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The lack of blog posts tells it all. It’s been a busy fall season. Let me tell you how my October went and wait we haven’t even reached Halloween yet! haha

October started with no jet leg. Why I say this, is because honestly my entire family had jet leg for about 2 weeks at the end of September. Who knew coming back from vacation/Italy could be that difficult to get back into a routine again. So once we got over that everything else fell into place…very quickly!

My weeks looked a little like this, (My husband calls me super mom, but honestly moms – don’t you feel like super mom when you don’t do anything! ah!)

Weekly activity schedule: Play groups, gymnastics, library programs and swimming. But wait lets add on, my gym time, yoga, ¬†shopping time, and planning my son’s baptism. With all this going on, my October just got jammed. Needless to say, the schedule helped with my forgetfulness, since each day I knew what I ¬†had planned for the kids. I can definitely vouch that having your weeks planned is much easier, rather than trying to find something to do the day of. Plus I think I finally got my son’s nap schedule figured out.(Only took me 4 months) Between all the activities and keeping him on track of his naps, the weekly routine helped me plan his schedule out

Yet with a weekly routine, I still find it hard to find time for just the random stuff that is on the to do list. You know moms- that never ending mental list you have stored in the back of your brain. Therefore, it would seem that a schedule could help with that, but I often feel that it doesn’t. My evenings are jammed. Its either, a laundry evening, prepping food/lunch evening or running out of the house to get a few last minute items. Finding time is hard! I often think its a task within its self. Now If I ask you, how do you find that extra time? Please do share!! I need some tips.

So starting November 1, my new task will be finding more time! If that’s even possible. I guess we’ll see.



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Nara is a mom to one and soon to two, an improving baker, a wife, a soccer player and a fun traveler. She loves the mom/work lifestyle, with a jam-packed schedule that always involves playing with her daughter and chatting with other moms. Nara considers her writing style, a casual form of speech of stories and experiences that move forward naturally.

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