First family of four vacation

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After a few busy weeks, our family got the chance to finally enjoy a weekend away. We thought it would be fun to leave the house, drive a few hours to enjoy some swimming, boating and fun times with family and friends!familyvacation

A good friend of ours has a family house on the water with a boat and a pool. It was the perfect mini vacation for our first family of four vacation.

Since it was a long weekend, we decided to leave the house on the Friday morning and return Sunday evening. (To miss all possible traffic) That being said, we were really lucky we only came across a little bit of traffic the way there, considering we heard that a few hours later all the roads were jammed.Once we arrived, we took our daughter and son out on the boat for their very first time! WOW, my daughter loved it! She was so excited that we thought, why not try out tubing. So we took our 2 years old tubing. She was in love. At first unsure, but quickly she wanted to stand up and enjoy the breeze and water splashing up on her face. It was so wonderful to see that she had no fear being out on the lake. After that we spent the entire morning in the pool, and let me tell you- my daughter had the best nap after that. She was exhausted.Which resulted to me having some free time. While my husband took baby boy duty, I went tubing with my friends! And I got to say, I haven’t had that much fun in years. I couldn’t remember the last time I went tubing. (I felt like a kid all over again – it was amazing. HAHA)









For the entire weekend, we went back and forth from boating to swimming. And not to mention –  evening time spent in the hot tub. (After the kids went to sleep.)

It was quite the relaxing and fun weekend.

What has your summer been like? Any fun vacations? Please share and we’ll post it on our blog! #Nothingisordina Series – every Wednesday!


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    Sounds like great fun!!

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