Another great Kid app: HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities

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In one week our family leaves to Europe and that means this entire week is all about getting ready. With two children under the age of two, it means one suitcase is just dedicated to kid supplies, from diapers to toys. This is not even including the carry-on toy bag. So as you can imagine, by list is huge. However that being said, I decided to bring my iPad to help fill some of that flight time up with some fun kid apps. I recently came across another great kid app: HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities. So I downloaded the free version first to test it out.

When I was searching toddler apps I was really looking for apps that were educational and had some interactive play that would involve hand-eye coordination, visual comprehension and memory. When I came across HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities I was happy to see that this app featured all of that. Before purchasing the app I first got the free/trial one to evaluate the content of the app and to ensure my daughter would enjoy it. Without any hesitation she was loving it. Since she enjoyed it, I decided to get the full version. This app is available in two versions, free/trial version and a full version with a purchase of $2.99CAD.

HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities

The HooplaKidz app feature’s 20 different entertaining nursery rhymes. With each nursery rhyme a fun game is matched with it. Therefore while the nursery rhyme plays in the background and an interactive game is provided, giving the child a chance to develop hand-eye coordination and visual comprehension. This is a great kid app concept and I really love how they include games to play along the songs, however I do feel its missing the read along part. I wish the app included a read along, to the music so the children could see the words of the nursery rhymes. Although for some games that could be too busy for them and overall, I really like how this app provides different games for each song, which makes it more challenging for the child.

A big plus about this app, is that each nursery rhyme can be seen on the main screen. The main screen is a visual scroll able page which allows the freedom of the child to pick and choose what song they want to hear next. Its so easy to use and doesn’t require too much direction to navigate through the app.

My daughter is almost two years old and she is loving this app. Since she enjoys hearing all of her favourite nursery rhymes this app is a great tool to help with her development. I do see at times that some games are challenging for her, since she is young but she will grow with this HooplaKidz Nursery Rhyme Activities app. Its a wonderful app for children who love to learn and listen to their favourite nursery rhymes.

If you’re going on a trip, download this app and your child will be entertained. I know for my upcoming trip to Europe my daughter will be enjoying this app.






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