How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Their Vegetables

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My daughter was a slow starter when it came to eating solids. Even though I started her on solids at 6 months, she really didn’t take too much food until she was 8 months old. But once she started eating purees she was in love with eating vegetables. She loved carrots, zucchini, broccoli, any type of potatoes and even beets! As a mom I felt so lucky to have a baby who enjoyed her vegetables.

As the months passed by and her purees started to turn into more chunkier foods, her like for vegetable was slowly declining. When she reached the age of 12 months, she was barely touching any vegetables. Like any mom, I was determined to get her to eat her vegetables. So I started trying many different ways to introduce the same foods to her, and with months of learning new ways to try to get her to eat her veggies I finally felt like I was there.

She is now 18 months old and all she wants to eat are veggies. I love it. But let me tell you it was work and a lot of trying new things!

How to get your toddler to eat their vegetables

From my experience, this is what worked for me!

Limit the distractions – Focus on having them eat the meal! Meaning no running around and playing with toys or watching T.V.

Don’t get obsessed with the food – At times you might get upset but try your best not to create a struggle around the topic of food. All children go through food fads and they’re learning what they like and what they dislike.

Set an example – Try to eat with them and show them how much you enjoy eating vegetables too. (even when you’re not a fan) The more they see you eating them, the more they will feel that they should eat them too.

Count on inconsistency – Don’t always expect them to eat their vegetable all the time. Some days may be better than other days.

Set a meal plan – Not only is this easier on us moms, but it will help your child to learn what foods they expect to see throughout the week. Children love consistency, even though they aren’t consistent with eating.

Provide a variety – For each meal, I tried to provide a variety of food on my daughter’s plate. So she got to choose what vegetable she wanted to eat. TIP: I would purchase the Costco vegetable mix. So whatever she didn’t eat I would eat or save for later. 🙂

Make food fun – Display the food is a unique and colourful way. Create patterns! I also found that my daughter loved to eat certain foods that consistented of colours of red, green and yellow. So I would provide foods with those colours, but also introduce a new colour of food.

Keep trying – I can’t say this enough, keep trying to introduce new foods to them. Even if they won’t eat it at first, they might like it after 5-7 tries later.

Keep healthy food in your fridge and cupboard – I feel that if your children know cookies, chips or chocolate are not in your house they won’t ask for it. So keeping only healthy food around is what they know, they will ask for carrots or an apple instead. (Plus this is a way to keep myself healthy too. Hahah)

Limit snacks – I provide my daughter two snacks a day. One in the morning, before lunch and another in the afternoon, after she wakes up from her nap. This works well for me since it provides some sort of meal schedule.

Smoothies– Often when my daughter doesn’t want any veggies, I just put them in a yummy smoothie and she will eat it! You can also try making popsicles too!

Dip it – Some children love to dip their food into some sort of sauce. The dipping method only worked for me once in a while. (Really depends on the sauce that I made)

Family meal time – For every dinner meal, our family tries to eat together.

I used these methods to help my daughter find the perfect balance in eating healthy and delicious food. It worked well for me and I hope these tips are useful for you too. Because as moms, we all know that getting our children to eat healthy food is a challenge!

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Nara is a mom to one and soon to two, an improving baker, a wife, a soccer player and a fun traveler. She loves the mom/work lifestyle, with a jam-packed schedule that always involves playing with her daughter and chatting with other moms. Nara considers her writing style, a casual form of speech of stories and experiences that move forward naturally.

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  1. Psychic Nest says:

    Hi Nara,

    My nieces and nephews love eating their veggies in soup or smoothies. Go with whatever they like most and you won’t regret it. Great tips and great blog!


  2. I think kids will vary. The best you can do is keep exposing them to it.

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