Motherly Adventures Celebrates One Month

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Wow – it’s already been one month since we launched Motherly Adventures. Time surely does fly when you’re having fun. Launching the blog has been refreshing to say the least. We’ve been having so much fun writing about our mom experiences and we have so much more we want to share with you. We hope you enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy writing about them. As always, we would love to hear from you so please reach out if there are any specific topics you’d like for us to write about.

Motherly Adventures

But for now, let’s take a look at how Motherly Adventures’ first month went.

  • We’ve been posting one new post every business day since we launched Motherly Adventures. Now, we know we won’t be able to keep up this frequency forever but our goal is to build enough content to keep our readers interested.
  • We increased our followers on social media. This was also one of our main focus because social media is a great driver of readers to the blog.
    • Facebook: 170 page likes
    • Twitter: 452 followers
    • Pinterest: 69 followers
    • Instagram: 76 Followers
  • People are actually reading our posts – yay! It’s rewarding to say the least.
    • # of readers: 682 visitors
    • Page views: 2, 148 page views
  • We always look forward to interacting with our readers on social media. It’s only been one month and we’ve already made new friends online. We can’t wait to meet others!
  • We rekindled our long-distance friendship by talking every few weeks to every day now because of the blog. It’s so refreshing because it reminds us of our Off-Track Backpacking blogging days. Yup…we were 20 and traveling like crazy. Let’s just say that lots have changed since.
  • Writing is refreshing. It’s difficult to explain but writing provides us with a sense of release. As mothers, we’re constantly learning and writing down our thoughts is relaxing. Does that even make sense?
  • Sharing is caring. As mother’s, we can sometimes feel as if we’re going through something alone. Writing about our experiences allows others and dive into our worlds and hopefully realize that they too, are not alone.

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A mother-in-training, a loving wife, an adventurous traveler and a business enthusiast trying to keep it together while adapting to motherhood. She is constantly challenging herself to be a better mom, wife and overall person.

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