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easy and healthy meals for your toddler 0

Easy and Healthy Meals For Your Toddler

With chocolate eggs taking over my house this weekend, I decided to go on this healthy meal prep, cooking spree. Especially since my toddler was running around with way to much energy I could handle. That being said, I made...

Daughter's first hair cut 14

My Daughter’s First Hair Cut

Last weekend I finally decided to get my daughter’s hair cut. I have been putting it off for a while now – just so it can grow (and that I could style it). However, with it being in her eyes...

How I Structure My Weekends With A Toddler 0

How I Structure My Weekends With A Toddler

Ever since I returned back to work, our weekends are pretty much on a toddler schedule/weekend routine. We always have some sort of fun activity in the am, whether its going swimming, having a play date, attending a play place...


The Breakfast Berry Crisp Recipe

Looking for a healthy alternative for your toddler’s breakfast? Try making this delicious breakfast dish – super easy and fast! My daughter loves eating eggs and trying to introduce something new into her breakfast routine seemed impossible. So I tried...

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How I’m Feeding My Toddler On The Go

My little toddler is eating three meals a day with a few snacks. Her start to eating solids was very slow. I started her on solids on Feb 15, 2015 when she was 5.5 months old. She didn’t like anything...