Your Survival Guide For Flying With A Baby

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Our family is leaving for Europe in less than a month now and I’m really nervous about how my 9 month old daughter will behave on the plane. Flying with a baby overseas is no relaxing task, to say the least. It was quite the adventure trying to keep her entertained on a 3 hour flight to Florida last November which is why I’m a little (OK, really) worried about flying to Europe with her. We’re flying to London and then taking a connecting flight to Berlin which means that we’ll be traveling for about 10 hours before reaching our destination. So what does that mean as a mom? It means that I need to find creative ways to entertain my baby on our flights to and from Europe. Oh yeah!

Flying with a baby

Here’s my (somewhat) plan to make flying with a baby easy as 1-2-3!

Overnight International Flights

I’m less worried about flying with a baby on the overnight flights because she should sleep on those. I already called the airline company to reserve a cot (or bassinet) as my travel agent suggested. Since we leave Montreal late in the evening, she should fall asleep shortly after take-off so I’m not planning any specific ways to entertain her. If she doesn’t fall asleep, then I’m in trouble because I don’t have a backup plan. It will be an overnight flight so I’m really not planning on making her play because I’ll be getting lots of dirty looks from unhappy passengers!

Short Domestic Flights Within Europe 

Although the longest domestic flight will last 3 hours, it’s plenty of time for babies to drive their parents crazy. I’m most worried about these flights because the first will take place after a longer international flight, the second will be early in the morning and the third will be mid-afternoon right before an international flight. Chances are that she’s tired and cranky on all of these domestic flights. Pair that with no leg room on low-cost flights and it can be a recipe for disaster.

To increase my chances of enjoying my travel experience on those flights, I plan to bring the following items to keep my baby entertained:


Food is a great away to keep her entertained because she absolutely loves to eat. I’m positive that food will keep her busy for at least 10-15 minutes.

  • Baby Gourmet Meals so she can eat healthy meals on the flights. I’m not a fan or airplane food so I feel more comfortable giving my daughter a healthier and overall better alternative. I’m going to bring 10 Baby Gourmet meals for her to cover the meals on every flight we’ll take. I’m not sure what the packaged baby food looks like in Europe so I rather bring it from home.
  • GoGo Squeez Applesauce are great when traveling. I typically make my own applesauce because it’s so easy and cheap but buying these squeezable pouches are so much more convenient when traveling. I’m also going to bring 10 of these applesauce’s. I can use them either on the flight or at my destination if I have leftovers.
  • Puffs Infant Snacks because the puffs keep her busy for quite a while at home so I’m hoping it’ll do the trick on the plane. To maximize space, I’m not planning to bring the box!


  • I’m going to bring 3-4 books on this trip but only 1 or 2 on the flight. One that my daughter particularly likes is Peekaboo Playtime because she gets to touch different materials in the book.
  • Since my daughter will be teething, I’ll bring a few rattles and teeters so she has something to put in her mouth. She also enjoys playing with them for more than just a few minutes.
  • I don’t plan to bring any other toys because I’ll find them as I go. A cup? A straw? An empty box? Babies aren’t difficult when it comes to entertainment so I don’t plan on using luggage space for toys.


There are two important factors in my app selection. First, it must work in offline mode (without an internet connection) and second, it must be educational.

  • I was referred to Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer by Dana at Midwest Buds so I will give it a try. There’s nothing better than other moms who have used specific apps to keep their kids quiet on flights.
  • Another great option is to download a Fisher-Price app. They have a great selection of apps and it’s really easy to navigate through the list.
  • Finally, Morgan from Lilies + Lambs also suggests 5 apps for babies.

Do you have any tips on flying with a baby? Please share!

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3 Responses

  1. Lindsey says:

    we have traveled a lot with our son who is now only 18 months old. We made a cross country move, had an emergency trip to Ohio and a vacation to California. We will be going to Florida in June, here are my baby travel tips that might help you on your international flight. 1. Make “please forgive me bags” these bags have notes in the stating your baby’s name and that they might cry, we added ear plugs candy and a piece of gum. These were very well received by our “neighbors” on the plane.
    2. Keep one diaper and a small pack of wipes in the seat sleeve in front of you, you don’t want to have to dig for what you need and luff the entire diaper bag to the bathroom with you.
    3. Tell the attendant at the gate, as early as you can that you have an infant, ask if she has any seat openings. Usually they will put you where a amity seat is and then you have more space! This was key on our red eye flight to Ohio.
    4. Bring baby tylonel, we don’t use it often, but babies can’t clear their ears or tell you they hurt. When our son started pulling on his ears we gave him a half dose of tylonel and once it kicked in, he fell asleep.
    5. Let them get all of their energy out prior to the flight, let them stand, run, walk, play and anything else you can think of. We try to find a not so busy part of the airport and just let him be a baby, you can’t expect a baby to sit in a stroller during the entire check in process and then also be good on the flight!
    Lastly, they usually have pretty decient food on international flights. They also usually dim the lights to try and help people rest and stay with the time zone they are traveling too… This might help the baby sleep on the trip!

    • Tanya C says:

      These are great tips Lindsey!! I love the bags you prepared for your neighbors on the plane, such a great idea!! Traveling with kids takes a lot planning, it’s nuts!! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. March 28, 2016

    […] wrote about some of this in my Survival Guide For Flying With a Baby post. I’m relying on food and toys to keep my daughter busy on the […]

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