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Motherly Adventures loves to travel. We spent our 20’s traveling and we hope to introduce our kids to the world as soon as possible. We hope that you can learn through our travel adventures.

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Packing list when travelling with kids

Three weeks before our trip I started writing down all the items that I would require for this family trip. My list grew each day and before I knew it, I had over 80 items to bring. It wasn’t easy...


Family Adventure to Italy

In one day my family of four leaves to Europe. It’s our first family adventure to Italy. I am so excited to go back to Europe. It’s been 9 years since I last travelled to Europe. Yet, this time I’m...

Why I Named My Daughter After A City 1

Why I Named My Daughter After An Italian Town

When I visited Europe with my parents and brother in 1999, we stopped in Siena (Italy) for a few hours. Although my memory of the city is limited, I do remember the feeling I had when walking in the old...

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Packing List for Our Family Vacation To Europe

With our family trip to Europe a little less than 2 weeks away, it’s really time for me to start packing. In preparation to packing day this upcoming weekend, I started putting together a packing list for our family. Since...

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Your Survival Guide For Flying With A Baby

Our family is leaving for Europe in less than a month now and I’m really nervous about how my 9 month old daughter will behave on the plane. Flying with a baby overseas is no relaxing task, to say the...


5 Great Getaways for Family Day In Ontario

On Feb 15, 2016, Ontario has a holiday called Family day. The holiday is not a national statutory holiday, since it is only a holiday in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in British Columbia. However some of these provinces have...